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Return Policy

If you plan to return an item, it is important that you fill out the CLAIM FORM. Once this form is filled out, it will generate a notice to us that a return is in route. This will ensure proper credit back to your account. All items received by Kitchen Cabinet Warehouse will be inspected for damages and a restocking fee of 25% will be assessed. (See Re-Stocking Fee)

Re-Stocking Fee

All items returned will incur a 25% restocking fee, unless otherwise stated. Please note, any items returned after 60 days will be issued store credit. We cannot refund credit card or Pay Pal after 60 days. You will also be responsible for the shipping fees to return an item(s). It is important for you to fully insure the items being shipped with the shipping company. If damage occurs during the return, you will be notified and you will be responsible for filing a damage claim with the delivery service or freight carrier. Damage items cannot be refunded, however, though a proper claim procedure you will most likely receive a refund from the carrier.

Refusal of Items

Do not refuse any damaged items, note the damages on the shipping documents (delivery slip). The delivery driver will ask you to sign for all items. It is VERY IMPORTANT to note any damages and receive a copy of this delivery slip.

Incorrect Item Received

Please check the item(s) carefully before opening the box. Most boxes will look alike. Because these boxes are similar, check the size and style of each box. Compare these boxes with your order and ensure that all items are correct before opening the box. This will also make the return process much easier if there was an incorrect item shipped. If an incorrect item is received, you must contact us within 48 hours. Please fill out a CLAIM FORM and submit.

If You Ordered the Wrong Size or Style

Before placing your order for kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities, it is important to check and then re-check your measurements and/or project layout. It always helps to have a second person look at your measurements. If you have made a mistake with your measurements and need to return an item(s), a re-stock fee (25%) will be charged for returned items and you will be responsible for all delivery charges. See re-socking fee for full details.


Due to the fact that Kitchen Cabinet Warehouse can expedite orders faster than any other online kitchen cabinet or vanity store, orders are processed in a quick and efficient manner.   After an order is placed, a customer will have 24 hours to cancel the order. Any orders cancelled after the 24 hour period will incur a 25% restocking fee.

 Orders Cancelled During Transit Time

If the orders is shipped and you choose to cancel during this transit time, the restock fee will be assessed plus the costs for shipping and return shipping. These charges will vary and we will do our best to minimize any shipping fees.   If damages have occurred during shipping, your refund may take more time because the delivery service or freight company must be notified and a damage report must be filed and fulfilled. We will do our best to notify and keep you updated through this process.

Storage Fees

Most orders are shipped to a trucking terminal (see shipping instructions for full details). The order will be held at this terminal until a residential delivery is scheduled. Kitchen Cabinet Warehouse is not liable to pay any excess storage fees associated with an order, during that scheduling process. Once an order is received at a shipping facility, the terminal or facility will attempt to contact you for delivery. Fees can be assessed to you if you do not provide a timely response.

Damages and Other Information

Please see the full set of return policies, damage information, product information and disclaimers in the information section.