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Many of the questions you may have about Kitchen Cabinet Warehouse's products and procedures can be answered right here, if you dont find what you are looking for please dont hesitate to contact us:


1.     How is my kitchen cabinet order being shipped?

Most orders will be shipped with a common freight carry also known as less that truck load or “LTL”. We determine your freight carrier and email you the details before shipment. Smaller, single cabinets or cabinet accessories will be shipped via FEDEX or UPS.


2.     I suspect there might be damage to my delivery of all wood kitchen cabinets. What do I do?

Please do not sign for a delivery without properly inspecting the delivery. When you buy kitchen cabinets online, you aren't afforded the opportunity to inspect the product prior to purchase. Therefore, you will be liable for the damages, if you do not indicate that the damages were present when you accepted the order. PLEASE DO NOT SIGN A DELIVERY RECEIPT WITHOUT PROPERLY INSPECTING THE SHIPEMENT. If damages are found – NOTE THE DAMAGES ON THE DELIVERY RECEIPT.


3.     What does curbside delivery mean?

This simply means that the shipment, being sent to a residential address, will be delivered to the “curb” or end of your driveway. The driver of the truck is not required to assist or do anything more than “drop off the delivery.”


4.     What is “end of truck delivery”?

See curbside delivery (#3). It is very similar and the driver of the delivery is only required to bring the order to the end of the truck. You are required to handle the order from this point.


5.     Can items be returned?

Items can be returned and will incur a 25% re-stock fee. You will also responsible for the return shipping charges.


6.     When will my credit card be charged?

Your card is charged when your order is placed. This will happen with correct credit card authorization.


7.     I want to make a change or cancel my order of solid wood kitchen cabinets, how should I do this?

You must contact customer service within 24 hours of placing your order. After this period of time, any changes or cancellations could incur fees because the order has started to process. Please note, door sample orders usually cannot be changed because our shipping department will try to expedite these requests as fast as possible.


8.     What forms of payments are accepted?

MasterCard, Visa, Discover, PayPal. Any bank check or money order will have to be verified and will delay the order.


9.     Do I need to be present to accept my delivery?

Most orders ship with a freight company and because of this, you (or someone that you authorize) must be present to accept your delivery. Once your order ships, customer service will email you a shipment confirmation with all necessary information. Next, your order will arrive at a local freight terminal. The freight company will contact you and schedule a delivery date. At this point you will know a time frame of when your order will arrive. If your order is shipped via FEDEX or UPS, normal procedures apply and the package can be left at the residence.


10.     How much time do I have to inspect my kitchen cabinets?

You will have 5 days to open all cabinets, inspect and report any damages. If you find any damages, please notify us using this contact form:


11.     My RTA kitchen cabinets do not look like the picture I ordered/ I do not like the finish on the cabinets, what are my options?

In order to get the best result when buying kitchen cabinets online, we recommend that you order a sample door before purchasing an entire kitchen. By ordering a sample door, you will get the best representation of what the actual color/finish of the cabinet will be. Please note that these cabinets are a natural, solid wood product so no finish will be exact and natural variations do occur in the wood doors and parts of the cabinet. If you are unhappy and would like to return the cabinets, there will be a 25% re-stocking fee and you will be responsible for the return shipping charges. When items are returned to the Kitchen Cabinet Warehouse, we must inspect all items to check for damages. If damage is found, a claim will need to be filed and your refund could take more time, due to the damage claim.


12.     I made a mistake when measuring for my cabinets. Can this be exchanged or returned?

Please keep the original boxes until all cabinets are installed. If you find that a cabinet is the wrong size, it is easier to accept a return item in the proper box. You must obtain a return authorization from customer service. Note: the original shipping charge will not be refunded and a 25% re-stock fee is deducted from the refund amount. If there are damages found to the item, upon its return, the refund process will take longer and the amount refunded could be less. Because of this damage you may need to file a claim with the freight company or shipping company who handled the delivery.


13.     Can I get a refund from an item that went on sale after I purchased it?

All sales are only in effect during that specified time period. There are no retroactive discounts for previous sales.


14.     How long do orders take to process?

Once an order is placed, it is processed within 7 business days.


15.     How long does an order take to reach me once it's shipped?

An order’s ship time will vary depending on the location of the customer. Please note that an order will arrive at one of the nearest trucking terminals to your residence. From that point additional time is involved and this is the time when the truck terminal will contact you for a specified delivery date and time frame.


16.     I received the wrong cabinet/accessory or one of my cabinets is not the same as the others?

If a wrong cabinet or accessory is shipped to you, please contact customer service within 24 hours. We will try to accommodate the mistake as quickly as possible and send the correct item(s) to you. Pictures or other documentation may be requested. We will also provide a return shipping label for the return of the incorrect item.


17.     What do I do if I see damage when accepting my order?

PLEASE NOTE ALL DAMAGES WHEN SIGNING FOR YOUR ORDER. Do not sign for an order that is damaged unless you “NOTE THE DAMAGES” on the delivery receipt. This is very important and you may have difficulty proving that these damages were not caused by you. Please make sure all damages are noted on the delivery receipt.


18.     What if only part of the order is damaged?

Please note all damages and accept the entire order. Many times we can resolve the problem without resending an entire order. If you refuse the entire order because of only small damages, you will not be refunded your shipping charges and there will be a 25% restock fee for all items returned. It is important to inspect all items, NOTE THE DAMAGES, and allow for the process of replacement parts or cabinets as needed. We will expedite all items as quickly as possible in order to keep your project moving forward.


19.     Should I assemble a damaged cabinet?

No, do not assemble the cabinet. We may need pictures of the damages and any assembled cabinet would change the appearance of the damage.   Leave cabinet unassembled until we determine a solution.


20.     Should I refuse damaged items?

No, do not refuse any items. Instead, note all damages and sign for the item. Use the contact form to report damages:


21.     What if I decide I want to change the shipping address?

Please contact customer service immediately. Depending on the amount of time that has passed, you may incur a fee for a change of address.


22.     If I want to return a single item from my order?

You must contact us within 5 days and notify customer service of the item that you want to return. You will need a return authorization. Once this is received, you will then be responsible for return shipping charges and any damages that may occur to the item. Once it is returned and inspected, a refund, minus 25%, will be refunded. If there is damage, the refunded amount will vary.


23.     What if I want to cancel my order after it has already shipped?

You must contact us immediately. Your order is in transit and we will need to work with the trucking company to retrieve your order. You will be responsible for all shipping charges and will also incur a 25% restock fee. Any damages to the order will also be deducted from the refunded amount.


24.     What if something on my order is on Back Order?


The kitchen cabinet industry has 100’s of items in each of its lines of cabinets. Because of this fact, the likelihood that an item, from time to time, will be out-of-stock (back ordered) is a fairly common occurrence. With this being understood, your kitchen cabinet order could have items that are currently missing from inventory. These items are constantly being reordered and shipped to our warehouse for fulfillment; however, there is an expected down time in between these backorders. You will have these options with your order:

  1. Wait until all items arrive and then we will ship your order.
  2. Ship items we have and the back ordered items will ship upon arrival. With this option, additional shipping  charges will be applied.
  3. Opt to have an alternative cabinet used to fulfill the order. Please contact customer service for further details.
  4. Or cancel the back ordered item.  


25.     I have heard the term “lift gate” for deliveries. What is this?

The lift gate is similar to an 'elevator' on the back of the freight truck that lowers the contents of the delivery onto the curb. You would then unload the delivery from the curb as opposed to the back of the truck. Certain orders will not be able to use a lift gate due to the size of the pallets used for delivery.  Some truck companies charge additionally for this service.


26.     Should I keep damaged items?

Yes. Keep damaged items. These items might be needed for a claim or they could be used by the warehouse. Parts must be received within 20 days of reporting the damage.


27.     How do I return my all wood kitchen cabinets or other items?

Small items can be returned through USPS, UPS, FEDEX or any other small carrier. Large items that will need a skid or pallet should be returned through common carry (less than a truck load). Please contact customer service for further assistance.


28.     There is obvious damage to my order, should I refuse the order?

No. The order might look worse than it is and it is rare when all cabinets cannot be used. Accept order ONLY AFTER NOTING THE DAMAGES on the delivery receipt.


29.     When do orders usually ship?

We try to ship every order within 7 business days. Delays in shipping times, backordered items, delays at the warehouse and other naturally occurring factors will slow shipping, but most orders ship in 7 days.


30.     Will I receive a new cabinet if I find concealed damage?

Damage is assessed on a case by case basis. Kitchen Cabinet Warehouse will determine the best course of action to remedy any damaged situation. Most problems can be solved with a replacement part. Many parts that appear damaged are not actually functional or exposed parts, meaning the integrity of the cabinet and the functional ability will not be impaired.


31.     Do I need additional people to help unload my cabinet order from the delivery truck?

We recommend that additional help will ensure a quick and easy delivery. Some of the items could be very heavy and having additional assistance will make the process more efficient.


32.     Is there compensation for repairs that I have made to the cabinets?

No. We will replace any damaged part but we are not responsible for any labor or additional labor costs.