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A New Range: ​Stone Harbor Gray

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Stone Harbor Gray RTA Kitchen Cabinets

Wow, what a color! This new design is smooth and silky with the modern feel every kitchen needs. Right now the Gray Shaker is the “in color”. Here at Kitchen Cabinet Warehouse we sold out of our first shipment and the new container has just arrived. So place your order and place it fast, the Stone Harbor Gray Shaker is the color that is flying off our shelves. Can’t find on the site? Email or call us…

Here we have the Stone Harbor Gray in a bathroom setting. This is a DB12 or better known as a Drawer Base 12. It is 12 inches wide and three drawers with 2 large and one small drawer.

Aside of the DB12 is a vanity 24 inch on both sides. 

A Look at Our Work: ​Island Java Bar Design

Here we have an Island Java bar design. The home owner took the island java cabinets (from and used them for a bar unit.The front has Island Java panels and actually still needs a few fill in pieces.The wall cabinets incorporate a wine rack and stem glass holder to make the bar more [...]

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Our Newport White Range

Here is the Newport White Kitchen Cabinet from Kitchen Cabinet Warehouse.Everyone knows the White Shaker kitchen cabinet is a timeless piece that fits into almost any kitchen, well with the Newport White, you get a modified shaker cabinet with a traditional flare to it. The design is sleek and clean, much like a shaker cabinet, but there is an [...]

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Northeast Philadelphia Customer Project

Here is before. This kitchen is straight out of 1987. Faux wood design. Particle board cabinets. And a feel and look that predates the internet. ** Note the “tray ceiling” you will see it again to prove this is the same kitchen!Here is the removal of the cabinets and the empty kitchen. Getting ready for [...]

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Biltmore Kitchen Cabinets

With many designs to choose from and the guaranteed lowest prices online, kitchen cabinet warehouse will provide the very best deal for you when shopping for your new kitchen cabinets. Here is a classic design with a sleek pin point line in the detailing that will leave you breathless when you look at this kitchen. This is [...]

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New Range: Newport White RTA Cabinets

Newport White Kitchen CabinetsThis look is a cross between modern and classic. It has the traditional look but carries a sleek design as well. Here it pairs well with the oil rubbed bronze handles and the stainless steel appliances.This white kitchen cabinet will go with almost any floor (maybe not white…) and almost any countertop.Here a darker wood [...]

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Product Insight: Regal Oak

The Regal Oak cabinet (RGO) is a classic design with crisp lines and wood finish. This kitchen cabinet is very popular in Midwest type houses and also goes very well in mountain homes or just about any type of woodland setting. This is not to say it doesn’t work anywhere, but it is more of a country feel [...]

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6 Reasons To Buy RTA Kitchen Cabinets

Why You Should Invest in Quality RTA Kitchens Buying kitchen cabinets is a costly adventure. It also takes time, skills, and patience. Possessing all these tools is sometimes a challenge for the average home owner, so here are some tips to help out. But before we start, always remember to avoid the big box retail stores when buying kitchen cabinets. [...]

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Brandy Wine Mullion Door Cabinets

What is a Mullion Door? See below…. It is basically a glass door that replaces a regular door on a kitchen cabinet.Here we have the Brandywine Maple Kitchen Cabinet. It is a classic design with a stained mahogany type color. Brown and red mixed together to form this classic color and feel. The cabinet has a [...]

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Island Java Cabinets

The Island Java cabinet is not only sleek and modern, it also carries a subtle smooth feel.... Note the design of the shaker style and the varying color design. This cabinet is NOT ABOSLUTE BLACK. It is black with stressed brown highlights. It is a subtle brown, but it makes for a perfect fit [...]

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